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3 Tips for Marketing Your Supper Club Using Social Media

3 Tips for Marketing Your Supper Club Using Social Media

At Tabl, we’re incredibly excited to have so many great events happening across the UK and we can’t wait to tell people about them. We use social media to chat with our active community of foodies, but the best sell-out events are the ones where hosts like you actively spread the word about your pop-ups and supper clubs with your fans and followers. Here are a three simple tips to start selling event tickets on social media.

1. Reach out to the locals on Twitter

If you’re holding a supper club at your home (or somewhere out of the city centre), it’s a great idea to tell people in the local area about your event.

There are hundreds of Twitter accounts dedicated to local news for every area of London, so be it Clapham, Tufnell Park or Shoreditch, reaching out to these guys will help spread the word with local people.

Outside of London, just search for your city and you’ll find loads of dedicated accounts all looking to share news of what’s happening locally.

2. Send out links to the event

This one’s a no-brainer! Your Tabl profile has all the details your supper club needs to inspire people, get them to check the menu and book their tickets, so make sure you link to it when you’re talking about your event.

Email your friends and family and ask them to share the details – we find that word of mouth from trusted sources is a fantastic way of getting your supper club noticed.  

3. Inspire people with your food photos

There’s a whole world of foodies out there, and Instagram is a great way of giving a little sneak preview of what they can expect at your event.

Use relevant hashtags like #instafood and #foodporn to get more eyeballs on your gorgeous looking dinners. After all, foodies who love supperclubs will be looking out for incredible food they might try soon!

Dedicate a little bit of time each week to these three little tips and you’ll be selling tickets to your event like hotcakes.

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