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Edible Easter traditions from across the globe

Edible Easter traditions from across the globe

Check out this selection of festive Easter treats from across the globe, that give the humble hot cross bun a run for its money…

Ma’amoul, Lebanon

6843826661_1a33eb43da_bThese Lebanese shortbreads, made especially for Easter, are stuffed with dates, walnuts, pistachios and plenty of orange blossom water and rosewater. Crunchy, chewy and melt-in-your-mouth.

Rosquillas, Spain

6918080995_28b662ccf9_bThe sweet treat across Spain during ‘Semana Santa’, Rosquillas are fried doughnuts served up in a number of ways depending on the region. Drenched in anise liqueur, topped with cinnamon or garnished with rosemary.

 Colomba di Pasqua, Italy

16822772440_3736dcf86f_kShaped like a dove as a symbol of peace and resurrection, this Italian yeast bread is rich with candied orange peel and raisins. It is then glazed with an almond crust, for a show-stopping Easter table spread.

Kulich, Russia


This sweet bread is eaten on Easter day and often blessed by a priest. To achieve the kulich’s characteristic height, it is cooked in a tall tin and accompanied by a pyramid of cheese pashka.

 Mämmi, Finland (Memma in Sweden)

5646212765_f2ece167e7_bThe classic celebratory dessert is made of rye flour, molasses and orange peel, served up with cream. Considered the marmite of Finland – you either love it, or you hate it.

Bun and Cheese, Jamaica

7025793493_c980b7e55e_k A descendent of the hot cross bun, the bun is sweetened with molasses and eaten withe cheese. The combo has become a staple in the island’s cuisine.

Fanesca, Ecuador

13873899295_b6985c0f9f_kThis Ecuadorian Easter stew is made according to every family’s special recipe. Laden with 12 different grains and beans, as well as salt cod and many accompaniments, it is a labour of love and devotion.

Påskeøl, Denmark

Denmark is about beerWhat better way to mark the coming of spring after a dark Scandinavian winter, than with a crisp seasonal beer! It is said that when the shops start selling Påskeøl, spring is on its way!