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Swappin’ for Spring

Spring clean your kitchen! No, not with soap, with food of course! We are here to inspire you to swap those lingering winter vibes, for the fresh and vibrant offerings of spring.

Give roasting root veg the boot, and spring into greener pastures 🌱

Spring greens including kale, cabbage, brassica and the delightful asparagus are all freshly in season which means they are the MOST nutritionally valuable right now! So whether you add them to your roast, put them in a soup or add some dressing to them alone, make sure you go for green this spring.


Go Tea ‘No’tal and choose a smoothie for spring instead 🚫☕️

Okay okay, we know that the first thing you do when you stumble into the kitchen with sleep still in your eyes is reach for the kettle. But why not stumble towards the fridge instead and grab your delicious home made smoothie? Smoothies are proven to energise you better, keep you going longer & are amazing for digestion (plus they look pretty!).

Red, red, wine, stay close to meee…sub for a g & t 🎶

You can do it, let go of that wine bottle that got you through the cold winter months, it’s time to trade it in for a lighter and more refreshing gin & tonic. Plus, gin comes from the juniper berry which is a superfood full of anti-oxidants & flavanoids that do everything from smoothing wrinkles to preventing heart disease!

Baaah Beef, haaayyy Lamb 👋

Spring lamb is in season because, well it’s spring – duh!  So say baaah to your roast beef and indulge in a little lamb this Sunday. Lamb is also more nutritious, cheaper & has less fat than most cuts of beef so winner winner, lamb dinner!

C ya cinnamon, hola herbs 🌿

Your herbs & spices cupboard could really do with some ‘spicing’ up too! Why not try the ultra trendy Turmeric or add some rosemary to your spring lamb?