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Being Vegan | Good Food, Good Mood

Being Vegan | Good Food, Good Mood

I became vegan 6 months ago after learning about the industry and deciding to live a more compassionate life. My motto being; if the roles were reversed, I’d want someone to save me.

Long story short, I have suffered from depression. Treatment for me being counselling and medication. A few months ago I decided to slowly come off of my medication and work towards a healthier mental state, by being more aware of the foods I consumed and how these, in turn, effected my mood.

Being vegan was my saviour. It encouraged me to explore new ways of eating and allowed me to become more aware of my body, and most importantly, what foods made me feel bad, and what foods made me feel good.

Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of vegan foods can be extremely unhealthy; I’m talking processed, high in unhealthy fats, and high in refined sugars. I started my vegan life this way and felt awful.

Over the course of a few months, I’ve become more mindful about what to eat in order to feel good, to give me energy, to put my mind at ease, and to treat myself, because moderation is important. It’s not always easy or practical to cook from scratch, and so I have to be lenient with myself, but life is about balance.

My cat; because eating her is cruel and unjust in our society, and so should it be the same for every animal.

I focused on creating recipes which fed my soul and body and didn’t limit myself. If I wanted sugar, I’d make something with agave, maple or unrefined sugars, so that I was still getting nutritional benefits. If I wanted something fatty then yes I’d have a bean burger or a soy protein burger. The worst thing you can do in recovery is limit yourself to the point you are unhappy. I found a balance and went with it.

The animal, livestock, dairy, and fashion industry are all extremely unsettling. The idea that any of it can be ‘humane’ when the end result is death, emotional trauma and suffering, just baffles me. Our bodies were not designed to process the levels of meat we do nowadays, and dairy was never designed for us, it is designed pumped full of hormones, (all of which can interfere with our own), to feed, fuel, and grow baby animals to the size of their parents. Eggs are high in cholesterol, and although can be marketed as ethical, the life-cycle for poultry farmed for eggs ends in the meat industry.

I strongly believe in freedom of choice, and of people living their lives as they wish, but for me, the choice is clear, good food, good mood, a clear conscious, and a truly environmentally and ethically friendlier lifestyle.

Vegan. Always for the animals. But also for yourself.

First Photo: WWF Cake Fundraiser, as I ran the Brighton Marathon for their cause.