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Best Lunch Spots | London

Best Lunch Spots | London

Shorts, tank top, sunglasses, a good book…no, we’re not packing for a holiday we’re getting ready for lunch. Even though it’s only around 15°C, the sun is out and us Londoners need to spend as much time out of the office and in the sunshine as possible.

We’ve picked our top spots across London where you can sit and enjoy that sun.

Vauxhall Park

Lunch time in Vauxhall

How often do you get to hang out with Alpacas on your lunch break? Not often enough for my liking that’s for sure. Vauxhall Park is a lovely open space, perfect for sitting, eating, relaxing and best of all it has Vauxhall City Farm right on its doorstep.  Go on, hug a baby goat you’ll feel fresh as a daisy when you get back to the office.

Bermondsey Wall

Lunch in Bermondsey

With unparalleled views of the city, you will not be disappointed. Either take a packed lunch and sit on the wall (it’s always good to relive your youth) or pop into the Angel for a cheeky drink, we won’t tell…promise.

Sky Garden

Photo courtesy of David Pearce

What if you’re in the City and it’s raining? Well, we’ve got ya covered. Take the elevator up to the 34th floor of the Walkie Talkie to get a 360° view of our lovely city in the Sky Garden. You can be at one with the tropical plants and imagine you’re in the Amazon rainforest if only for a moment.

Richmond Green

Richmond Greens Lunch

For those of you in the South West, you’ll know Richmond Green is the place to be when the sun comes out. But did you know The Body Coach, Joe Wicks’ office is right around the corner? You can thank me later.