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Wimbledon Party Checklist

Ace a Wimbledon Party Theme

Wimbledon comes around but once a year and whether or not you’re able to hit the stands, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the season nonetheless. Undoubtedly, a Wimbledon themed party could involve a match screening, but there is nothing wrong with simply using it as an excuse to throw a party. We believe hosting a get-together shouldn’t keep the host or hostess from enjoying the festivities.

Below are recipes and decorating ideas to get you in the zone without going overly complicated. June 25th through to July 15th gives us an opportunity to marvel at some seriously impressive tennis skills while also letting off a little steam.

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Pimm’s Cup

Pimm’s was first invented in the 1800’s to aid with digestion but has since taken on a life of its own and is now recognised as the official drink of Wimbledon. As such, no Wimbledon celebration is complete without it. Thanks to its 25% alcohol content two glasses shouldn’t hurt. There are several versions of Pimm’s Cup that exist, though Pimm’s Cup No. 1–based on gin–is most popular. We recommend making a pitcher as it’s much easier than topping up glasses individually.

To Make One Small Pitcher (double or triple as needed):

  • 375 ml Pimm’s No. 1
  • 3 cans lemon soda (ginger ale also works)
  • 1 lime sliced into rounds
  • 4 hulled strawberries
  • 1 orange sliced into rounds
  • several sprigs of mint
  • Half of a peeled cucumber sliced into rounds
  • Ice

Fill pitcher with ice slightly less than half way. Add Pimm’s, lemon soda, mint, and fruit. Serve before ice melts.


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Smoked Salmon Canapé

These delightful salmon toasts make it easy for guests to move about the party with ease while only requiring a few minutes for preparation.


  • Small slices of sourdough or ciabatta (one loaf)
  • 3/4 tsp horseradish
  • 1/2 cup crème fraîche
  • 1/4 tsp lemon juice
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Olive oil
  • 300g smoked salmon
  • Watercress

Drizzle olive oil on bread and toast. Meanwhile combine horseradish, crème fraîche, lemon juice, salt & pepper in a small bowl. When toast is done, dollop creamy mixture on toast, then top with a piece of smoked salmon and a few small pieces of watercress. Voilà!


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Eton Mess

An indisputably British dessert, Eton Mess, is believed to have origins at Eton College. The dessert’s inclusion of fresh berries and whipped cream make this a fitting choice for a summery, Wimbledon event. In the spirit of simplicity, feel free to buy meringues (but we’ve attached a recipe with directions on how to make meringues for those who feel so inclined).

Eton Mess Recipe


(Edmond’s Plaza Florist)

Fun “floral” arrangements: the inclusion of tennis balls in a subtle manner hammer homes the tennis theme but the addition of flowers is all about creating a beautiful aesthetic.

To pay homage to the grass courts at Wimbledon, the only Grand Slam tournament to be played on grass, opt for a grass table runner with a simple white background.

Link to: grass table runner


We’ve given you some ideas to get the ball rolling, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop there…