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7 Healthy BBQ swaps

BBQ season is getting underway but for those who are prepping their summer bodies it can be a bit of a minefield. Here are some quick and easy tips to avoid the post binge guilt.


  • Swap sausages and burgers for Butterfly chicken fillet burgers or chicken skewers.
  • Try to make your own marinades to avoid high sugar levels. Skip honey and sugar, go for lemon, garlic and chilli
  • But if you are feeling a little lazy this Taste Collectiv marinade is fresh, delicious and tasty for meats, veg and even fish. 


  • Make your own coleslaw. Swap the mayo in your coleslaw for tahini, add a dash of lemon juice and vinegar to loosen.
  • Put down the potato salad and go for some healthy grains. Super on trend, delicious and healthy. Grain + courgetti + Serrano ham = Winning recipe


  • Get gut healthy and try some sprout-krout pickle, delicious, on a burger gives it that extra juicy goodness, try adding chilli for an extra kick. Try the recipe.
  • Everyone needs a bit of salsa in their lives, this one is super simple, tasty and free from all those store bought nasties. Plus the mango is a great compliment to just about anything! Get the recipe.
  • Then the obvious – go brown buns!


We should all know by now that sugar is the devil on your shoulder. So make some wise choices.

  • Avoid high sugar fizzy drinks, try adding soda water and fresh fruit.
  • Clear spirits, beer and red wine are low in sugar. Just avoid tonic and juice!
  • In wine spritzers, go for soda and ice
  • Jazz up your glass with fruit and cucumber to give you that cocktail feeling


  • Fruit kebabs – simple, easy, done!
  • If you are in the mood for a cake we have some super-food muffins that come with just about everything you need 

But just remember there is no need to beat yourself up if you find yourself with your hands in the cookie jar!



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