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Top food trends for 2017

From sharing plates to low sugar snacks and drinks, we are seeing plenty of food trends for 2017 emerging– and it’s all about healthy eating.

Luckily at Tabl we predicted this and our producers are creating the kind of healthy snacks, condiments, drinks and delicious food perfect for sharing that people can’t get enough of.

1. Less alcohol!

Millennials are drinking less than previous generations. But do they have sufficient choice of exciting non-alcoholic drinks? We’re going to see more of a trend for interesting non-alcoholic drinks next year – think charcoal-activated water, and tasty fruity drinks (minus the usual high-sugar content). Nix & Kix are to the rescue with their delicious chilli-infused drinks that provide the kick of alcohol without the hangover. 

2. Low sugar

With the sugar tax on soft drinks, due to epidemic levels of diabetes, we have finally awoken to the less than savoury results of refined sugar excess. And at Tabl our producers are on a mission to create delicious snacks, treats and drinks that deliver taste and flavour without the sugar-crash. Try GB Chew’s coconut maca brownies or Longflint’s sophisticated and refreshing low-sugar cocktails.

3. Pickles

Pickling and fermenting is becoming ever more popular, especially due to its health benefits. Not only can pickles include an abundance of minerals from iron to magnesium, but they can also boost the probiotic content of your meal, meaning a happier and healthier gut. Cheeky Food Co do a mean Smelly Garlic Pickle.

4. Sharing plates and grazing

From tasting menus to small plates, tapas and mezze, eating is becoming much more sociable. That’s what our supper clubs and events are all about! For some tapas to enjoy at home, try Chiltern Charcuterie’s antipasti selections – the ultimate treat for meat-lovers and perfect for sharing.

5. Authentic regional food

2016 saw us obsessed with Nordic Hygge and Mexican tacos. And 2017 is all about finding exciting new flavours from around the world. For true authenticity, try Tokunbo’s Kitchen’s authentic Nigerian supper clubs, and Anzali’s Persian cuisine.