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How to create your Tabl video

How to create your Tabl video

Producer Video – 1 min in length

This video showcases you as a food producer and a food-lover. It’s your opportunity to introduce yourself, tells us your story and the story of your food.

  • Tell us your name and where you’re from. Tell us about your  business, your product, and your food philosophy.
  • Tell us about your earliest positive memory about food or your most memorable food experience. It could be a food you used to like to eat as a child, a food your grandmother or a family member used to make.
  • Tell us how you got started with your products or your business. Tell us how you knew that making food was something you wanted to pursue.
  • Tell us a bit about how your food is enjoyed and why you love what you do.

Product Video – 15 seconds in length

This is a short, 15-second video about your product. In this video you need to tell us the name of your product, the size or weight it comes in, a quirky fact or interesting ingredient that makes your product stand out, and finally why you love your product, or what it best goes with. Some examples have been provided below.

  • Tell us the name of your product, the size, weight or amount it comes in.
  • Tell us a quirky or interesting fact about your product or one of the key ingredients – it should be the one thing about your product that really makes it stand out. 
  • Tell us why you love the product, and what it goes with

If you need more inspiration you can check out Tabl’s very own Kara and Ali in an exclusive behind the scenes video here.

Next Steps….

Once you’ve created your videos simply send them over to via WeTransfer and 90 seconds will edit them for you. Once they’re ready you’ll see the final cut before we add them to your Tabl Shop.