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In Five Bites | Pollyanna Coupland, Polly and Polly London

In Five Bites | Pollyanna Coupland, Polly and Polly London

Pollyanna bonded with Polly Wedderburn on Instagram over a love of all things foodie and the pair teamed up to create exciting events fusing Japanese techniques and British ingredients.

Think Japanese roast beef dinner and Miso sticky toffee pudding – the stars of their next supper club, Anglo-Japanese on 28 January. Discover Pollyanna’s culinary journey and click here to book their event. It’s one not to miss!

What is your first ever food memory?

Sitting on the counter weighing out spices with my dad as a one or two year old. Food has always been an important part of my life because my mum and dad have always cooked really nice food and cooked everything from scratch.

In the summer leading up to uni they’d teach me new recipes, some basic stuff like spaghetti Bolognese so I’d know what to do. It was a good starting point to have a few basics. My dad travels a lot so he’d bring me back different spices and herbs from different places so I was always sent off with a nice little hamper.

If I’m not in the kitchen/field/making, you’d find me?

In a restaurant eating. I’d be ticking one off my list. More new restaurants, any new interesting thing, street food festival or market, rather than Michelin starred restaurants – they’re not what drives me. I used to go with my friends every month to a new place and we’d each choose a new place.

What would you make with avocado?

I’d have it charred in a taco with pink onions, coriander, raspberries and seared tuna. We were asked by a seaweed company called Atlantic Kitchen to come up with new recipes for them every month, getting seaweed into everyday recipes, and photograph them. We did a tuna one and then they wanted a vegetarian one and we did it with avocado and it worked really well.

Your best kitchen hack/trick?

Peel a citrus and submerge in oil, and the pearls come apart for a lovely fresh garnish and you’re left with a flavoured oil. One of my old bosses told me about it, and it’s one of those magical things. We’ve used it on a mackerel dish with asparagus, using pink grapefruit pearls to dress it. They’re coated in a little oil so it’s an oil and citrus dressing but in a different format because there are little citrus pearls left in your mouth. It’s really good and really easy; it only takes 20 minutes.

Your last ever bite?

I love the battered sausages you get from the fish and chip shop with curry sauce and mushy peas, in a buttered bap and lots of salt and vinegar. That’s my favourite.