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In Five Bites | Superfoodio

In Five Bites | Superfoodio

On their travelling adventures in South America, Nirali and her husband Jagir discovered exotic superfoods and decided to bring them back to the UK where they could share them. The healthy food brand Superfoodio was born. Find out more about their inspirations and healthy treats here

If I’m not in the kitchen/field/making, you’d find me?

I love travelling and experiencing new cultures. When we were travelling in South America we experienced things like quinoa and acai for the first time out there. They’re locally grown ingredients so we got to experience everything from the farming to the versatility of how you can use them.

That influenced our journey with Superfoodio because we wanted to bring back that experience – you see a lot of ingredients like quinoa on the shelf, but actually a lot of the time you don’t know where it’s come from or what to do with it. We’ve just returned from Australia and Singapore and we’re always very curious to know about the food culture, especially when it comes to healthy food. We’re inspired by what we learn on our travels and bring it back to Superfoodio.


What ingredient would you bring with you to a desert island?

Acai. When we first tried it we were in Brazil and it was so hot there that I found it difficult to eat anything – it was an unbearable heat and it was acai bowls that we were having for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

That would be the thing to keep you going in the heat on a desert island. It’s a very cold smoothie bowl. The acai berry is made into a frozen sorbet mixture and what they traditionally do is top it with granola, bananas and honey. Acai is really high in antioxidants so it’s really nice and cooling, but you know it’s good for you. (edited)

Your best kitchen hack/trick?

Planning ahead. It might sound silly but we plan what we’re going to eat for the rest of the week because you’ll be a bit more prepared in terms of having ingredients and not resort to unhealthy food or a quick take-out. More recently what we’ve tried to do is allocate a cuisine to each day of the week.

Monday might be Indian night, Tuesday might be Italian, then you can put your own spin on what you’d like to make for that day. So if it’s Italian night and you wanted to be healthy, you can use noodles instead of spaghetti. Superfoodio is a healthy food brand and we’re really passionate about healthy eating, but I feel like if you’re not on top of it, you can fall down.

Superfoodio Collection

One chef, one drink. Who and what?

Calgary Avansino, who has her own website and blog and writes for Vogue. She has three kids so it’s always about how to make healthy living really quick and easy at home. That I find quite inspirational to do even when you’ve got the pressures of family life; she still managed to keep that balance and make healthy living entertaining as well.

I’ve seen her post about things like cooking beetroot or spinach pancakes for kids; because they’re purple and green it’s making it interesting for them without forcing them to eat their greens. That’s really innovative. And it sounds boring, but I always go for water with any meal. I’m not a fruit juice person and I’ve never drunk fizzy drinks. Coconut water is a very nice refreshing drink – not too sweet, but you feel like you’re having something different.

Last ever bite

It would have to be something to do with chocolate, definitely. When we started Superfoodio I was introduced to darker chocolate and I appreciate the taste of the actual chocolate now as opposed to something which is very sweet. It’s nice to feel like you’ve got a healthier go-to for chocolate. It doesn’t have to be ones that are filled with sugar.