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Pal-entine’s is the new Valentine’s

Pal-entine’s is the new Valentine’s

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be a day enjoyed by loved-up couples only. That’s why we’ve renamed it Pal-entine’s Day. Make it an excuse for an exceptional night with friends. Here are our to five suggestions for fun activities where there will be no PDA, overpriced themed meals or red roses in sight.

Craft beer making

Invite a select group of friends for some craft beer making then reap the rewards of your efforts. The Multi-Hop IPA beer making kit, available here at £115, enables you to make brewery-quality real craft ales from scratch, easily in any kitchen and includes everything from malted grains to the fermentation pail to block out light – the ultimate enemy of beer – to create 12 x 330ml bottles of beer. Each step of the brewing process has been simplified and the equipment updated to make it as straight-forward as possible. Easy!

Cheese or chocolate fondue

Whether you’re a savoury fiend or you have a sweet tooth, a fondue is great fun to do with a group of friends. It’s an indulgent, calorific meal best saved for special occasions and the conversation will be flowing as you share in the deliciousness of melted cheese or chocolate. Or start with cheese and move onto chocolate if you have the stamina…

An activity

Book in with a friend for a healing yoga session or, if you’re after something more dynamic, opt for a dance or fitness class – always more fun with a motivating buddy – to get those endorphins going. Or join a cookery class and make more friends while you’re at it. The Avenue Cookery School in Wandsworth have a class on Dinner Party Dining where you can learn how to cook new, interesting, and stress-free dishes to wow your guests. Then sit down to enjoy the three-course dinner (and wine) that you’ve prepared. Book here.

Cheese making

Invite a friend round for a bonding exercise in cheese-making. For anyone who’s always wondered how the stuff is made, here’s your chance to find out with this Italian cheese making kit available here from Tabl for £24.99. The kit contains everything you need to make 12 batches of cheese…mmmmm (450g) of your choice – Mozzarella, Ricotta or Mascarpone – in an hour. All you need is your choice of milk. Then cook a delicious dinner or dessert using your creation.

Sushi making at home

There’ll always be something you have wanted to try but never had the chance. Like sushi-making, perhaps? Why not buy some fresh fish from the market, a sushi making kit, and a lot of sake, and you have the recipe for a  perfect night in with friends.