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Pop Up Barbados | East London’s Newest Supper Club

Pop Up Barbados | East London’s Newest Supper Club

Do you look at a menu and have no idea what to pick, but instead, you want to order everything? If so, then Pop Up Barbados is for you.

Tapas is quickly becoming the new way to eat out. It’s versatile, allows you to try many dishes when there’s just no way you could choose, and is a great way to eat and socialise at the same time, even with strangers.

But did you know there’s something in London called The Tapas Club? Yes. We were just as excited, which is why when Barrie from Pop Up Barbados got in touch, we just couldn’t sit still.

The first question: how do you become a member? Barrie hosts East London’s newest pop up, serving up incredible tapas style dinner of travel inspired food; all that’s required is purchasing a ticket. Taking you on a trip through Barbados, Brazil, Spain and Mexico, it’s the perfect chance to meet new people and share stories as you all tuck into the same dishes, with a more relaxed atmosphere than your traditional eat-out experience.

“I have taken my passion for the best indigenous cuisines from the Caribbean, Brazil, Mexico and Spain, and thrown it into my tapas evenings,” said Barrie.

“Guests will be able to try many delicious, authentic dishes made using the best quality ingredients from award winning suppliers, organic stores and farmers markets. I choose these carefully to bring out the full flavours, resulting in a sensational feeling that can transport you for a moment to the very origins of the dish.”

Barrie’s last trip to south Spain in 2015 was a favourite of his, particularly thanks to his culinary exploring. “It was a great little adventure! I tried the best tapas restaurant in Tarifa and some others in the area, which inspired me to browse the food markets and cook for friends whilst there.

“Going out in the afternoons and evenings meant I saw the way the Spanish really enjoy tapas in groups. The atmosphere was full of laughter and conversation; it just made me think that this is definitely what we need more of back in London. And that’s where my supper club idea came from.”

Culture and heritage are two things that really play a part in Barrie’s cooking; his father’s side of the family are of East African origin, with his mum from Venezuela and her father from Cuba, and on top of that, Barrie was actually born and raised in Barbados.

“My background and travelling play a huge part in the influence in my dishes. I was never a kid who was into sweets. Instead, I went to the market often with my mum and was always curious about foods we never brought home. She was a bit strict with the shopping list sometimes, so I’d save my sweets money and buy something at the market instead.”

With his tastebuds changing and expanding rapidly, Barrie was only 12 year’s old when he first cooked a whole Sunday feast for his family, and by 14 had acquired a taste for rastafarian food.

“It’s all natural, packed with fresh and wholesome flavour and very nutritious. Rastafarian cooking is an ancient style of cooking, using only fresh, natural and healthy ingredients, nothing pre-processed and is pretty much the backbone of my cooking style.”

Pop Up Barbados promises to be a vibrant evening and will take you on a journey around the world with each bite.

When: Friday 29 April, 7 & 9pm
Where: East London
Cost: £33
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