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Tea Tips | Five Top Facts For The Best Cup Of Tea

Tea Tips | Five Top Facts For The Best Cup Of Tea

We smell a trend. And yes, it’s a good smell. Goodbye coffee – apart from Monday morning, Tuesday, Wednesday, okay… – and hello tea. We spoke to Kyle Whittington, one half of the brains behind Tea Studio, to give us five facts that’ll make Sunday morning that little bit sweeter.

1) Temperature

Correct water temperature and brewing time make all the difference. Never drink bitter tea again!

2) Respect

Respect thy leaves and give them plenty of space to move! The more space they have the better the flavour.

3) Keep calm and drink…

Tea is a natural nerve calmer thanks to the chemical compound Theanine. Granny was right, have a cup of tea luv!

4) Food pairing

When paired with foods, tea tends to lift up and enhance flavours, making things taste extra yummy!

5) Buzz

Per cup, tea has less caffeine than coffee. Moreover, the caffeine in tea takes about 20 minutes to release into the body and then releases over a number of hours. Promoting gentle wakefulness and alertness.


And with that, we’d recommend checking out Tea Studio’s awesome supper clubs – they’re all intimate affairs, with carefully picked ingredients to make the events something to remember.