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Three New Year’s Resolution Ideas That Are Easy To Stick To

Three New Year’s Resolution Ideas That Are Easy To Stick To

New Year’s resolutions – yes, we hate them too. Some years, you’ll have a huge list of ridiculously optimistic ideas that are totally unrealistic, and others, absolutely nothing.

We’ve put together a short list of some new ideas that are easy to stick to and pretty fun while you’re at it. They’re slightly food related – but without any guilt! – ‘coz if there’s ever a good resolution, that’s the way to go.

1. Meet new people

That’s right – you’re not too old.

We all like having friends, right? But it does seem like you always end up talking about the boss when it comes to your work friends, your school group live all over the place and when the main bunch are all busy, there’s literally nothing to do.

2016: Why not pop along to a supper club, sit next to a complete stranger and say hello. It’s okay, they won’t bite.

2. Try something new

And no, not a hobby.

Everyone always says you should have a hobby, don’t they? “Why don’t you take up sewing, or go to a cooking class, or perhaps you could try a new sport rather than sitting in front of the TV with yesterday’s dinner?” That’s because – mum, dad, uncle, boss – I don’t want to. But what I do want to do is eat.

2016: Try food in a new place and take risks. Look for something secret, something bizarre or something out of your comfort zone. Make exploring your hobby.

3. Do stuff, not just buy stuff

We’ve all just spent many an hour buying presents, wrapping presents and opening presents – and wasn’t it lovely? But who can’t say they’ve received a thing or two that isn’t particularly useful, or actually, just awful?

2016: Make it a year for experience – give a gift to do something, not just look at, Make it something to remember, and why not do that at the Tabl?