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Meet The Supper Club Host | Chatting To A Hungover Tony Rodd

Meet The Supper Club Host | Chatting To A Hungover Tony Rodd

We headed to chat with moustachioed MasterChef finalist, Tony Rodd, to find out whether TV fame had turned him crazy, how he impresses his guests at supper clubs and whether that moustache is here to stay.

(Oh and he made us some food, so that was pretty exciting.)






He greets us at the door with an energetic “welcome to my Crib”, followed by an immediate check that we’d understood the MTV reference.

It’s a strange moment of nostalgia for somebody who, we later found out, hasn’t switched his TV on for a year and a half. Too much being on TV and not enough watching it for this dinner party host!



For anybody else, having three strangers in your home filming you whilst you cook and chat supper clubs would be a daunting experience, but Tony is a host-supreme (and surprisingly not even skeptical given he had no idea what we had planned for him).

Offering us wine, he headed to the kitchen while we took in our surroundings; a well-decorated flat featuring paintings of Nina Simone and Prince (done by an artist friend, but we’re not being paid to say that, honestly), a moustache hanging on the wall, all complimented by a Spotify blues playlist in the background.

Luckily for Tony, we didn’t have any massive surprises up our sleeve, considering he was pretty hungover after staying up ‘til 4am with his fellow Masterchef contestants… although we did manage to get a few candid photos of how he really felt between shoots. Sorry dude.


Food in the oven and cameras rolling, we start talking all about Tony’s experience and inspiration for cooking. Five minutes later, with the microphone actually switched on this time, we start again. Great.

Obviously the big question on our mind is Masterchef and we were keen to find out if the experience of being filmed by Tabl was anywhere near as exciting as by the BBC; “You’re always quite nervous, but the BBC are very fair and their edits are very complimentary to you.” No pressure on us then… here’s to making you look good!

We won’t go too far into the details of what we spoke about (as some of the topics could probably get us a stern look at work, or at the very least a doctor’s caution to watch our alcohol levels).

So watch the video and see what’s awesome about Tony’s supper clubs, how many drinks he had with Tabl the first time he met us and whether the moustache is staying or going.

Check out Tony’s events and buy your tickets here.