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Top 5 | Diets to Avoid

Top 5 | Diets to Avoid

Dry January, gym membership, a new diet. Sound familiar? It’s that time of year when we all put our new year’s resolutions into action. While many of us are counteracting our Christmas indulgence with a punishing diet, these often don’t come with the recommendations of nutritional experts and can do more harm than good. Here are Tabl’s five that you’ll want to avoid…

The Whole30 Diet

Ranked the worst fad diet, Whole30 involves 30 days of cutting out sugar, alcohol, dairy, gluten, grains and legumes. It’s purpose? To change your relationship with food for good. The problem is it’s exceptionally restrictive. Who wants to hang out with someone who can consume only plain meat and vegetables?

Extra protein consumption places more strain on both the body and environment and Whole30 omits healthy, minimally processed, nutrient-rich and low-calorie plant foods such as whole grains and pulses. And if you deny yourself everything, chances are you’ll head straight for the forbidden cake and pizzas after the 30 days are up.

Tabl - Baby food diets
Could you eat 14 portions of baby food a day?

The Baby food Diet

Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Aniston rave about this diet of pureed food (think mushed up vegetables, fruit and meat – mmm). It’s labour intensive (you eat portions 14 times a day) and it’s also unmanageable, given that pureed food doesn’t give the body the same sensation of being full up, even if you’ve consumed enough calories.

There’s little reason this diet leads to weight loss except by way of portion control, and the fact that it excludes salt and sugar. We could all decrease our salt and sugar intake, reduce food to its purest, unprocessed forms, and eat little and often, to help take the strain off our digestive systems. But resorting to baby food? No thanks!

The Juice Diet

Followed by celebs including Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Jessica Alba, the juice diet is used for around 10 days to detox your body. It might inject your body with a constant stream of nutrients, but also a lot of sugar, and you will always be hungry and missing out on important protein and fats.

Fruit and vegetable juice also lacks the fibre of whole foods, and if your calorie count falls below 800, you will slow your metabolism, making weight control even harder in the future. Far better to throw a lot of healthy veg and fruit into a Nutribullet for an extra hit of antioxidants and nutrients and keep a balanced diet including protein and complex carbohydrates.

Tabl - Juice Diet
Make sure to keep a balanced diet if you’re going to hop on the juice diet train

The Alkaline Diet

The rules of this diet are to avoid acidic foods, including anything derived from animals: meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, as well as processed food and alcohol. They’re all said to make us lethargic and prone to disease, whereas foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains will supposedly make the body alkaline, where cancer and fat cannot thrive.

The problem is there’s no science behind it: foods cannot actually alter the naturally regulated pH levels in your body.

The Soup Diet

Fat burning onion soup, or cabbage soup diet anyone? Not only will you put weight back on the minute you revert to a normal diet, but if you’re anything like me the cravings will kick in unbearably and, after satisfying your need for everything you’ve not tasted in a while, you’ll be much worse off. Best just to stick to a balanced diet.

Want to eat more healthily throughout the day? Tabl has healthy snacks a plenty: try nourishing snacks including anxiety-reducing jujube fruits from Abakus, nutrient-dense, fibre-rich, gut-friendly brownies from GB Chew, and energy-boosting sweet potato and nut-packed savoury granola from Superfoodio. Find out more about our detox brands here.