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Top Detox Brands for 2017

Top Detox Brands for 2017

Detox is no fun and is hard to stick to without some delicious healthy alternatives. And we have plenty of those for you.

Start your new year with nourishing snacks from anxiety-reducing jujube fruits by Abakus to nutrient-dense, fibre-rich, gut-friendly brownies by GB Chew, and energy-boosting sweet potato and nut-packed savoury granola from Superfoodio. Say goodbye to snacking guilt – detoxing has never tasted so good!

Abakus Food | Nuts & fruit crisps


These London-based foodies offer healthy snacks from far-away places. They travel the world in search of the most unique and nutritious snacks, using simple vegan-friendly ingredients, and no additives or gluten. Their baked Hickory Nuts can be enjoyed as a snack or sprinkled on granola or salad and are a great source of thiamine which helps support memory and concentration. They’re also high in monounsaturated fats which help lower cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Their dried jujube fruits and jujube crisps are a delicious, less sweet alternative to dates, and a superfood, packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants. It’s no surprise that with their mind-calming properties, they’re used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat anxiety and insomnia.

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GB Chew | Super healthy chews


Do we realise just how much refined sugar and processed food is in our everyday diet? Too much, as Lucy Ponson by discovered when training as a chef at Leith’s School of Food and Wine. So she set about making exceptionally healthy, balanced snacks that were just as delicious but more nourishing, satisfying and substantial.

“Creating distinctly tasty snacks that make for a healthier gut is my mission so that more of you can live happier and healthier lives,” she states. The result? Her scrumptious nutrient-dense and fibre-rich 100% raw, GB chews made with organic fruits and brown milled flaxseed, nuts and seeds. They come in four delightful flavours: apricot orange goji, coconut maca brownie, zesty lemon spirulina, and baobab almond brownie.

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Superfoodio | Savoury granola


Inspired by a life-changing South American adventure on which Nirali and Jag Mankodi unearthed some of the world’s finest superfoods, Superfoodio was born out of passion for good, wholesome food. Their tasty artisan snack range includes a Savoury Granola made with fibre-rich sweet potato and nuts, and Cacao & Quinoa Clusters combining just four raw ingredients – cashew nuts, cacao and quinoa, making a protein-packed, crunchy treat.

All are gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free, and easy to eat on the go. They’ll hit those unavoidable savoury or sweet cravings, saving you the guilt and lows of a refined sugar hit.

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Fodify | FODMAP friendly spices & sauces


Food is not going to get healthier than when it’s prepared by dieticians. Fodify founders Janet and Hannah met whilst studying Nutrition and Dietetics in London, and between them have over 15 years’ experience working as UK dietitians. Noticing the lack of convenient food options without onion and garlic – a common allergen – they launched Fodify. And great news for allergy-sufferers, they are literally free of everything from dairy to gluten.

They’re also carefully created from only low FODMAP ingredients, FODMAPs are a group of short chain carbohydrates present naturally in foods such as wheat, dairy and various fruits and vegetables. Their simple healthy foods without losing taste or versatility. Their spice mixes (Thai stir fry, Mexican fajita and Moroccan) and tomato pasta sauce are delicious and uber healthy – and they last a long time, too.

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 Cheeky Food Co | Savoury sprinkles, chutneys & pickles


Cheeky are on a mission to prove that simple, handmade, wholesome food can be not only good for you, but also delicious. With her upbringing in India as inspiration, Swati Biwal gave up her engineering career, and started looking at treasured old family recipes for savoury sprinkles, chutneys and pickles – creations that she could store in a jar and use to quickly add flavour to everyday meals.

All products are made from a few pure ingredients, including her Silly Sesame Sprinkle – slow roasted natural sesame seeds coarsely ground with burnt garlic, chilli and cumin – which won the prestigious Great Taste Gold Star Award 2016, as did her Pecky Peanut Sprinkle. Cracking Cranberry Chutney and Smelly Garlic Pickle are her other delectable inventions.

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