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Top stocking fillers

Top stocking fillers

It’s not just kids that love a Christmas stocking bulging with goodies. Tabl can help you find fillers that are a bit more interesting and just a bit more delicious, from mini Christmas puds to celebratory bottles of cocktails. With prices ranging from £3.50 to £15, they also work perfectly as Secret Santa gifts.

Signature Hot Chocolate Spoons by Cocoba | £2.753-007-02

There’s nothing better than a luxurious hot chocolate on a wintry day and it doesn’t get any more decadent than one made with real chocolate. Simply stir in Cocoba’s chocolate spoon and you’ll have the perfect warming, silky drink. With highest quality Belgian milk chocolate, 53% dark, 71% Equador origin and sugar-free to choose from, you can tailor the gift to whomever you’re buying for. For anyone who’s a child at heart.

Rose Hip and Gin Fizz by Longflint | £3.505-001-02

These are no headache-inducing, sugary alcopops. Take it from us, Longflint’s ‘long cocktails’, handcrafted in small batches in Tottenham, are delicious, refreshing and sophisticated gems of a drink. They come in three varieties: rhubarb and vodka seltzer, rose hip and gin fizz, ginger and rum fuego, using pure juices, premium spirits, and are free from anything artificial and not too sweet. Perfect for the hip friend or colleague.

Plum, Fig and Brandy Jam by This is My Jam! | £5.0034-005-01

We are big fans of This is My Jam’s products because the fruity flavour explosion you get is unlike any other jam, thanks to the high fruit and low sugar content. The plum, fig and brandy is suitably festive and goes a treat with the Christmas cheese board, or simply on toast. There’s a Christmas Pudding flavour, too. Definitely one for the discerning foodie.

Small Christmas Pudding by Blackberry Cottage | £892-005-01

These mini round Christmas puds are almost too cute to eat! Diddy in size, but not in flavour (they’re dark, rich and moist), the 450g serves four people. Christmas can be a challenging time for anyone with allergies, but the free-from version contains no gluten, dairy, egg and nuts or added refined sugar. Other flavours include rum cask cider, ale and carrot, and stout, all made with juicy currants, sultanas, raisins and figs steeped in alcohol. Yes please!