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17 Kitchen Hacks Every Home Cook Needs To Know

17 Kitchen Hacks Every Home Cook Needs To Know

Whether you’re a seasoned cook, dinner party thrower or enjoy putting together a few made up recipes and hoping for the best, these kitchen hacks are the ones for you.

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1. Unsure if an avocado is ripe?

Squeeze the top and bottom, not the sides

2. Working with garlic and fish?

Rub your hands on the stainless steel sink to remove the smell

3. Spilt tears from an onion?

Leave the root on when chopping

4. Veg going off before you’ve had a chance to eat it?

Cover with a damp tea towel

5. Making a mess of peeling ginger?

Use a teaspoon – much less wastage

6. Honey crystallised?

Put in a bowl of boiling water and leave until melted

7. Left over tinned tomato paste…

Don’t throw it away – store in ice cube trays in the freezer until next time!

8. Big cookies vs small – how long to bake?

The smaller the item, the higher the baking temperature

9. Chopping herbs?

Put a pinch of salt on the board first to stop the herbs from slipping

10. Protect your knife tips…

Put a wine cork on the top

11. Ripe pineapple?

If you can easily pull a leaf out, great. If not, grab another one

12. Not confident with cutting up the cake?

Use dental floss to cut the perfect slices. Works for cheese too!

13. Weak stock?

Add cheese rinds for depth of flavour

14. Basil wilting?

Keep it in a glass at room temperature with stems in water

15. Bits of shell in your egg?

Wet your fingers – much easier to get out

16. Hard to cut lardons evenly?

Put them in the freezer for 15 mins before use

17. Easiest way to remove the stem from strawberries?

Put a straw through from the top