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What is a cleanse and why do it?

What is a cleanse and why do it?

What is a cleanse?

A cleanse is a simple and effective way of detoxing your body by consuming only fruit and vegetable juices for nutrition over a short period of time. During this time, it gives your body a breather from the hard work it does breaking down and processing not only the food we eat, but also less-healthy beverages, such as those containing caffeine and alcohol.

But why do a cleanse?

The benefits of cleansing are many and varied, so we’ve compiled a choice few and listed them below…

  1. Volume: The 5 recommended portions of fruit and vegetables stated in government guidelines isn’t nearly as much as we need in reality to nourish ourselves. In reality we actually need 8-10 portions per day! This amount of fruit and veg is very difficult to achieve every single day – which is where juicing comes in. Drinking juiced down fruits and vegetables allows us to ingest the nutrients of a huge amount more than we would be able to consume simply by eating the whole fruit/vegetable. Problem solved!
  2. Detox: Another strong case for juice cleansing is that if you’re looking to starting a new diet/weight loss programme, a detox is a great way to reset your dietary habits. If you’re the kind of person that is always snacking throughout the day, a juice cleanse will make you check yourself and realise just how much you reach for a snack. Solely drinking juice for a few days will also prompt your brain into realising that you don’t need a snack even nearly as frequently as you think you do.
  3. Shrinking the stomach: We all know that feeling when we’ve fallen into bad eating habits – over indulging and constant snacking. This leads us to feel hungry often even though it defies all logic that we would be. our stomachs are stretched and stretched until we need more food than we are used to to fill us up. This stretching can work in reverse, with a cleanse being an efficient way to ‘shrink’ your stomach. During a cleanse, your stomach adjusts to the reduced amounts of solid foods you are ingesting, inducing your brain to feel like your stomach has shrunk. Consequently, when you start eating solid foods again you need considerably less food to make you feel full!

By the end of your cleanse, cleansers tend to feel much more in control of their eating habits and have a renewed feeling of energy. After cleansing, bloating is often greatly reduced, much to the comfort of the cleanser!

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