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Holistic food | It’s food, with meaning

Holistic food | It’s food, with meaning

Holistic food: It’s unadulterated, it’s real and it’s packed full of nutrients, encompassing all things natural, wholesome and ethical, with the goal to nourish the body, mind and soul.

The Holistic Chef: He’s the man who puts the meaning into revolutionary dinners, and as a Michelin level trained chef with over 18 years of cooking experience at the sides of some of the best chefs in the world, his vision and ethos is to educate, inspire and empower, so people take more control of their health and wellbeing through the foods they consume. He’s a man called Jamie Raftney, and on the 28th April, is hosting an exclusive supper club with hosts, The Elmore Jam.

Contrary to popular belief, holistic food does not necessarily mean vegetarian – Jamie’s approach is around plant based foods.

“I showcase the beauty of these amazing, natural, sustainable, delicious and nutritious fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, flowers, herbs, roots, weeds, fungi…” It seems the list could go on.

Elmore Jam supper club

Jamie says that for holistic food to truly take off and for us to appreciate its benefits on a day-to-day basis, a huge shift in consciousness and understanding is needed.

“What we have on our dinner plates shapes our destiny and the destiny in our environment,” he said. “I aim to enlighten people on how beautiful and delicious plant based foods can be. I have a unique style and philosophy and aim to make a big impact and difference in people’s lives by inspiring them to choose more nutritious foods.”

Getting almost 95% of his food from plants, Jamie has an intensive exercise programme as well as a busy and hectic lifestyle, but feels the healthiest and freshest he has ever been in his life. It’s “thanks to a predominantly plant based diet”, and according to Jamie, there’s a revolution to be had.

Elmore Jam jazz

“I have transcended the general cooking styles, fads and trends that come and go; awards, accolades and recognition do not motivate me in the least. What motivates me is to make a positive difference in people’s lives through more education on consumption.

“This is my ambition and dream, and I have a strategic plan in place to work towards this. It’s the start of an exciting journey.”

The event

When: 28th April
Where: N1
What to expect? Live jazz, four courses and BYOB – oh, and a 70s juke box that yes, you get to pick songs from.

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