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Why rye?

Why rye?

Why Rye? By Bread & Better

I have been using rye flour a lot in my bakes recently. I love the dark, dense texture it gives to loaves, and it is especially delicious when paired with flavours like black treacle, honey and caraway seeds.

It seems like ancient grains are everywhere these days, spelt bread is back on the menu in a lot of artisan bakeries and cafes, and strange and exotic flours, like Khorasan and Einkorn, are appearing on our supermarket shelves. Their increased popularity means we get to rediscover some traditional baking methods but also gives us the opportunity to experiment with new and exciting flavour combinations.

Rye flour isn’t just delicious, it can be good for your digestion too. According to Shipton Mill, even though they are dense in texture, rye bread is very light on the digestive system, as it is easy to assimilate (which means to convert food into substances suitable for incorporation into the body and its tissues) and can even be sort of ‘therapeutic’. The high fiber content of rye can also make you feel fuller for longer, making it great for people who are trying to lose weight, as you won’t get the ‘spike’ in energy (and then the sudden feeling of hunger shortly afterwards) that you do when you eat things like shop bought white bread.

There are so many reasons to bake with and eat rye. From the health benefits to its delicious and versatile taste, rye is an on-trend flour that you should definitely get experimenting with in your kitchen.

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