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You’ve been bowled over!

You’ve been bowled over!

Bowl food – let’s get the ‘bowl-down’

From acai bowls to Hawaiian poke and even Buddha bowls, in 2017 “bowl mania” has swept the nation/our Instagram feeds.

As the legend that is Nigella Lawson says “For me, ‘bowlfood’ is simply shorthand for food that is simultaneously soothing, bolstering, undemanding and sustaining.” So we thought we would try our hand at a day’s worth of ‘bowl food’.

Breakfast bowl

Porridge is not just for those cold winter mornings. We made summer porridge a ‘cool’ twist on one of the staples in our office. We blended almond milk with some cacao and protein powder, left it to soak for a few hours until the oats were softened. Top with your favourite fruits, nuts and seeds. Perfect for a breakfast on the go!

 Lunch bowl

For lunch we created our own version of the poke and laced in some asian flavours. The salmon ceviche had hints of grapefruit and chilli, whilst the edamame beans were brought to life with some nigella seeds. Served with brown rice and candied beetroot this dish is a wonderful blend of slow energy releasing carbs and omega3.

Dinner bowl

Tamarind is really coming into its own at the moment and we can see why. Just one ingredient adds so many levels of flavour. We made roasted aubergine with a tamarind glaze. For that real rainbow food feel, we paired it with crunch yellow beetroot and crisp pink radishes and gloriously green broccoli. We threw in some of the left over rice and edamame for good measure.

The best thing about bowl foods are that you can pick and choose all your favourite ingredients and have them all together, the flavours and combinations are endless. With the added bonus of portion control so long as you aren’t using your mixing bowl.